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Or shall I say PMDD… Last month I was shocked I didn’t gain during PMS I think this was greatly due to the fact I was working out before hard-core at the gym.  Last week I started back since our van got fixed but I don’t think it was enough time and I don’t think the walking I did was enough to get my metabolism up and going!

So last night I weighed before bed at it was 294.2 ugh, I was finally at 291 on Friday (Remember the Friday before that I was 289 finally out of the 290’s).  Anyways, I was 297 this morning, who gains 3lbs after sleeping. ugh.  I was 292 that Morning so that’s a 5lb gain for the day.

Totally NOT cool! Either way, I will just continue to do what I normally do.  Push the fluids, workout tonight and wait for AF so all this fluid will come OFF!  Luckily I have one more weigh in for this challenge and as I mentioned before I think that during PMS time I just shouldn’t weigh in.  The numbers are just not something I can go by during that time.  Or at least keep a mental note that it’s high because of PMS and just don’t get upset (yeah, easier said than done!).

One more week and hopefully I will be down again!