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So I get bored from time to time with my hair as you know just back in like February I went from Red to Blonde which was actually the day I got my gym membership. (I didn’t realize that!).  Any hoo… So yeah I got a hair up my butt (not really, its just an expression) but pretty sure that would be really gross… (why do we use that expression anyways?) Well, that’s not the point so I decided to dye it again.

So today I am bring you “Misty’s Dye Job Adventures!”

So I started with this: (excuse the hair I just got back from a work out so this is pony tail hair and NO makeup!)


Which isn’t horrible I guess looking BUT I totally had some roots growing in and I’m too lazy to deal with them:  See what I mean!  Being blonde it takes a lot of maintenance   What can I say?  I’m lazy!


So I went to the store and bought this… Yes, I buy the cheapo dye… Sorry, hairdressers across the world I know this probably makes you cringe! Eh, it’s hair it always regrows… Well unless, there is a reason you are bald then I guess it doesn’t.  Either way!  I was going to go wild remember because of this post?  But again, it’s still not me.  So I went with brown…


Ah, dye is now in muh, hair!


Ooops I made a mess and now you can see anywhere my hands touched lol Good thing this stuff washes off! (well except the door still not sure how that happened).


Then I remembered I must check the time… Thank goodness for FB because first I sat down and was like oh yeah? What time is it? Then I posted on FB about how when dying your hair it’s best to look at the time so you can keep track to know when to wash it off. Of course I started to forget what time it was I saw, but luckily FB told me how long ago it was I left that message! So now I decided to check in on the hair. and Ack! brown face. Oppps….


Me being goofy!


And then the finished product!


So… What do you think?

In other news, my INR today was good (for those who don’t know you It’s a blood test to see how fast my blood clots since I am on blood thinners) it was 2.9 (that’s a good number). I have no pics of my food for yesterday or today (well I do) but Im lazy and don’t want to go to Photoshop and make it all organized. But it’s not because I am afraid to tell you what I ate, which was like uh, some jack in the crack for breakfast (yeah that was a mistake that was all my breakfast and dinner calories) Lunch was left overs from dinner, a protein bar and dinner a lean pocket. Today I have had so far a lean pocket for breakfast (I was in a hurry and needed something to eat and go since I was out of eggs), and then I had a sub at subway YUM! I also worked out a little over an hour yesterday and today 🙂 whoo hooo.

Oh! Well you can look at my sub if you like 🙂 and yes, I had a cookie M and I ate it all 🙂 Mentioning cookies, I would also like to take this moment and thank the nice lady who ran to our aid today.  M was eating and all the sudden started to choke, just as I was about to do the Heimlich maneuver on her luckily just as I was quickly trying to get her out of the booster seat thing M got the food down that was stuck but this nice lady was right by my side in seconds ready to help.  It was very nice to see someone trying to help.  Even though we ended up not needing her I appreciate that she was willing.


M today at payless she LOVED the hats! (Sorry it’s so blurry stupid cell phone pic!)