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So, I did it.  I finally was able to go back to the gym.  I am SO glad that I did too.  I will admit I was pretty nervous at first.  It’s been like oh, 3 weeks since I went last because of our van being broken down.

But once, D got home I was READY!  SO I got dressed and off we went.  The hour went by FAST, in fact I think we would have stayed long but M was getting a bit fussy so we left.

Me in all my sweat and glory


What I ate Yesterday, Breakfast: Eggs and Bacon, Lunch: Chicken Salad, Snack: Dove Bar – Found in my purse score!, Before working out I was starving because I forgot to boil some eggs so got a protein bar, Dinner: Ground Chicken Taco’s, Snack: Sweet Potato w/sour cream and salsa.