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Evil-ScaleSo this weekend was NOT by far the best of eating.  We had guys here fixing our van (which we got running again YAY!) so of course it was just a weekend of fast food! ugh.

I knew the scale was going to be up, it does this anytime I eat really crappy food but I didn’t expect it to be up NINE pounds since Friday.

I know a lot of that has to be water!  But geez it still sucks to see that number!  That’s actually 10lbs from last Tuesday! That’s almost everything I have lost in the past 12 WEEKS! 12 Weeks worth of work and I somehow gain almost all of it back in TWO days! Really???

So game plain!  Drink tons of freaking water!  I am logging my foods this week to get back on track and guess what because the van is fixed, I now get to GO BACK TO THE GYM!!! Yay!  I am also going to be posting what I ate the previous day! I did really well when I did this before and I think it keeps me accountable.

So get ready to see a lot of pics of food for at least the next week or so.  So how was your weekend?