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I am a talker.  I have ALWAYS been a talker.  So when I don’t talk it’s just… well, it’s just plain weird.  BUT here I am today with nothing much to say.  I always hate when I don’t have much to say because I love engaging with my readers!

But the facts are things are just okay here… Van is still broken, we got a guy coming out on Saturday to see if there is any saving the van OR if we need to sell and find another vehicle.  For the time being it would be lovely if we could save it!

Poor D is having to ride a bus for almost 3 hours to and from work.  Imagine being at your job for 9 hours and on buses for 6?  It’s not fun.  We both have done it before but it’s totally not ideal!

Not to mention poor guy gets up at 4am gets home around 8pm and goes to bed by 9pm.  Doesn’t leave much time to be with him 😦 it’s made us both very sad!  And the baby totally misses him.

We just keep telling each other that it’s not forever!

Weight loss is going okay.  I’m losing slowly.  I’m not doing anything special other than trying to eat less and make better choices!  I haven’t been exercising much but have been walking here and there.

It’s funny but it wasn’t until I read another blog recently where this chick did a video of her self depressed and she said that she hasn’t exercised in two weeks and then when she was out of the funk she said it was funny but that wasn’t true.

She had exercised she just didn’t go to the gym.  I found that I did this too.  I didn’t “count” it unless I was at the gym.  The fact of the matter is I have been walking at least a mile several days a week.  That is STILL exercise Misty! duh!

The mind is so silly at times!  So there ya have it.  Not much to report but I guess sometimes like they say no news is better than bad news! right?