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I know this is a touchy subject for some. Today I was reading an article about a 16 yr old girl who had gastric bypass surgery to lose weight what really astonished me wasn’t that the girl had surgery BUT the comments following the story.

I noticed quickly how many felt this was the “easy” way out. I would say for most if you say it’s “easy” you haven’t ever been around someone personally who has went through this surgery. I for one have been around a couple, the closest was my ex FIL.

Yes, he did eat himself big. Yes, he made mistakes. But he did try to lose weight, but when you are really big it can be hard to do day-to-day activities. His surgery was something he needed or he would die in his case. It did in the end save his life.

However, just because he had the surgery didn’t mean he was whole again. He did still end up years later gaining quiet a bit back. Which, yes, is depressing. BUT it still didn’t make the journey easy. I remember him getting sick when he ate. For a while he couldn’t eat anything solid like at all.

Afterwords most of his favorite foods made him sick. The smallest amounts of certain foods would send him running to a bathroom. Easy way? I think not. Not to mention the risks one takes with surgery on top of that which includes but not even limited to death.

I won’t lie, I have thought about surgery myself. I wanted to be proud and “do it myself”. What I have learned even with surgery there still does come a point where you still are doing it yourself. You still have to put in the work and you still have to watch what you eat.

The surgery is an aid, it helps. Kind of like (just not as extreme) your weight loss aids whatever they maybe. I know for me because of my previously Pulmonary Embolisms and the fact I have Factor V a surgery like that could actually kill me.

But there is a catch 22… In my case twice now because of my thyroid and god knows what else for we still don’t know. I have gained insane amounts of weight. I fear that when something goes wrong again, how much bigger will I balloon up?

I wondered would surgery help? Would it give my body the ability to stop whatever it is that’s causing this issue? I personally don’t know. What if not having a surgery like this ends up killing me because I just can’t stop gaining? OR can’t keep losing?

I think people need to get off their high horse. Someone made choices in their life. There are risks to everything, even those lovely pills many people take, or those supplements, and who knows whatever else. People are just doing what they can. Sometimes all your efforts just doesn’t seem good enough.

I know, I have been there, I feel this way A LOT. I am terrified to weigh what I weigh next year OR to be bigger. It’s there in my mind, it’s there haunting me. Sure it may surgery seems like a quick fix but it’s not.

There are a ton of things one has to go through when they have this type of surgery from physically to mentally. I have met several that now have a lot of health issues after the surgery… Others I have met it was a complete blessing.

The facts are, you just don’t know… So don’t assume. Assuming it’s the easy way is like assuming that a big person doesn’t walk far because they are “weak”. It’s not that they are mentally weak it’s that their body is weakened by all the weight! There is a HUGE difference between the two. Add a 100lbs to your body and go jog and we will see how “strong” you are!

Don’t judge, Don’t Assume, Don’t pretend to know. Until you have walked a mile in THEIR shoes, You just don’t…. Be supportive that people are doing SOMETHING to try to better themselves and their bodies. Just because someone didn’t do it like you doesn’t make it wrong just different.  One way or another we all had to put work into it.