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Last week when I weighed in I was 294 when I woke up…. This morning I am 292!!!  I will admit I was a bit surprised.  I haven’t worked out at the gym now in 2 weeks due to being sick and now the van issue.  BUT I have been walking (so I mean I am still exercising just not as much).

So that puts me down officially 10 pounds in 8 weeks.  I think it’s pretty awesome too because it’s PMS week and if you are a girl you know how hard a 2lb loss is when you are PMSing right?  Yeah it’s crazy….  Funny thing is I haven’t done nothing much special just eating less really (sometimes not always healthier just less amounts).

It’s so weird.  I guess the exercise finally jump started my metabolism where I can have other not so “healthy” foods and not feel guilty.  Then again I have always been a fan of moderation.  We shall see if this continues on :)…. If anything I guess what in another 8 weeks I could be down another 20… At this rate it still will take me oh, like 3 years to get to goal but hey, who’s counting?