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InspirationIt’s funny how inspiration comes and goes.  You get inspired motivated to do great things and then after a while it’s gone… Poof…. As if it never existed.  You are left to fend for yourself, you’re a lone, and you are now wondering why did you choose this fight?

Inspiration comes in many shapes and forms.  But one thing about inspiration is you must know is it always goes.  So what does that leave you in your journey?  Will and desire.

These two things are what runs inspiration.  Imagine inspiration is a car will and desire are your fuel for your car.  While you may have the source/want to achieve things you have to “DO” to create them to become in motion.

There will be days where you won’t want to keep going.  Some days you just HAVE to. You can’t do this journey on just inspiration and motivation   If it were that simple we all would be successful.  We need more.  Like your body.  It needs good foods, care, and treatment.  If you forget one piece of the puzzle your health still can fail.

So when you lose your inspiration/motivation I say look inside of you and decide how much do you WANT this.  Make YOU your own inspiration and motivation.  You are why you are doing this to begin with.  While it’s great to get inspiration/motivation from others it’s imperative to know that you have to find your OWN strength in this fight.  Believe in yourself!  You can do amazing things.