I know if you are anything like me you have tried many different things.  You have went on every fad diet and each time THIS was THE time.  So then you have to ask yourself.  While you are on this journey, what makes this time different?

I have been at this process now for a year.  Parts of it was successful and other parts not so much.  I consider it all a learning process.  I will say for myself what makes this time different is that I am committed.

Before I just wanted results and while I still do want results.  Believe me!  I also know that whatever I do it has to be something I can do life long.  This is a big reason why I started giving myself some slack.

I stopped weighing in so much, I stopped obsessing about everything I ate.  And my scale has reflected back.  I NEVER thought I could do this journey in this way.  I admired people who didn’t have to track things or weigh in all the time.

I will tell you that it is refreshing…. I’m not losing a ton of weight mind you but it’s slow, it’s steady and I feel myself actually becoming stronger.  THAT is what is different for me.

I have become stronger.  I am a fighter.  I am in this to win in it.

So what makes this journey different for you this time?