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Monday is now here!  The weekend is already gone (it goes by too fast doesn’t it?) and now the new week has begun.  This morning I thought to myself, I will not weigh myself.  Why you ask?  Because, I was terrified of the number.

I knew AF is on it’s away already, so PMS is officially here.  This also means normally a minimum 5lb gain.  I also knew I didn’t eat great this weekend.  Between the chicken on Friday, and pizza TWICE! I was like yeah, there will be a gain.

Did I mention I haven’t worked out in over a week either since I was sick with a tummy bug last week???

So I thought since I have to weigh in on Tuesday for my challenge miles well prepare myself.  I stepped on the scale and gasped.  Could this be???? I freaking maintained since Friday.  Surely, tomorrow I will be now jinxed with a gain.  But either way I will take it lol.

What is awesome news about this, No, I can’t eat what I want lol.  BUT that my metabolism must be kicking up now.  This is great news!  So my goal this week is to work out at least 3 times.

This will be SUPER hard for me.  We had something come up so I have to hold off upping my gym membership.  Which means, I have to work out alone.  I find I make more excuses to not work out when I have to go alone vs when D goes with me.  So this will be a challenge.  I have already started talking myself out of it today lol.

So what are your goals this week?