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Well, week that is…. It’s Thursday which means tomorrow is FRIDAY….. Whoo-hooo not that it means much to me other than I have more kids home then usual lol.  But to the rest of the working class (or not) it might.

So today I FINALLY feel “normal” of course it’s the day I can’t go to the gym.  And lets face it I suck at working out at home but may just have to force myself or something.  I don’t think I am going to be able to hit the gym until Saturday YIKES! ugh, I am dreading it already.

All in all I am doing well….. I did a quick see on the scale up .5 since Tuesday I was okay with that given I have been sick and less than a full lb gain after eating again I think is good still.  I actually think it will probably go back down tomorrow but we shall see.  All in all I’m not worried.

I am slowly starting to feel comfortable with this whole process and anxiously awaiting to get down 10lbs.  It sucks that it’s like this but hey it is what it is and I can’t do much about the past so moving forward shall we?

I am seeing a lot of positive effects of the gym.  More than I ever thought.  My whole thought process of something was better than nothing was so false.  Okay, so not fully false because something IS technically better than nothing BUT I still wasn’t getting much results.

I can totally see *some* slimming which is good!  I can also tell I am not tired while walking as much OR hurt as quickly by standing.  I found my brain tries to sike me out by making me think I am out of breath when I am not.  SOOOOO weird.  But a good weird.

I feel pretty positive right now about it all.  I don’t know what’s different.  I normally at this point I feel discouraged.  I am annoyed especially at the rate of loss.  But I’m not, in fact quiet the opposite.  I am excited. I keep seeing this body of me and it’s seeming more and more like a possibility by the day.

I think not obsessing over every single thing about weight loss has at least helped me mentally.  I am also still down so that’s good!  PMS is approaching soon so this will be the test.  I am hoping to hit the gym good next week so we shall see if it helps with dreaded 10lb gain (which at this point IS annoying) because I feel like I am going NO WHERE each month.  BUT I keep saying that a month ago I was 302 now I am 294 so that’s good progress and something to be happy about and you know what?  I am 🙂

So what do you do to keep yourself going when you start to feel discouraged?