So poor M is getting her molars and on top of that has a cold!  So she is waking up all through the night which means no sleep for mommy and daddy either! ugh.  ASide from what we now believe was a tummy bug dealing with this too is just a not cool!

Although, as of last night she changed her normal routine of crying when she wakes up to just saying momma or I’m up… Which is a nice change but still not as cool at like 2 am when your 1 yr old is slapping you in the face going mom, momma, mom, (I now feel like a family guy episode). what? I reply….  Up! my 1 yr old proudly claims….. No, baby sleep…. this repeated several times last night!  Guess the sleepy meds just give energy apparently.

I was so tired I didn’t even hear D leave this morning and woke just before the kids leave.  I was hoping to sleep a little longer but miss thing was pretty adamant that I get up at 7:30 this morning.  So we got up.  I figured I could use this time wisely and blog.  I go to look for my camera and it’s gone.  Like seriously I can’t find this thing anywhere in my house!

First my keys go missing which I lost on Saturday and now my camera.  My mind starts racing, has someone been in my house.  OMG they now have my keys AND my pictures lol this isn’t good?  So many thoughts going through my head.  I start tearing the house apart (yes, kids you will love me when you get home and get the joys of helping clean it back up, mommy loves you).  And then, yes, keys found in Jacket, go figure….

But the camera is still MIA so if you were a camera in the possible hands of a 1 yr old where would you be?  I checked the trash, the toys, under the beds, cabinets, all the normal secret hiding spots (she likes to hide things) but nada… Did I mention she hid my shoes on Saturday too (those were hidden in the toy box of toys we were going to donate).  So find camera thoughts today would be great.

And oh, since this is a weight loss blog…. I am just going to do my weigh in’s for now on Tuesday since my challenge so this Tuesday I weighed in at 294.0 which was 1.6lbs down however, I did have a tummy bug so yeah… not sure how good that number was???? I am feeling a lot better now though.  I am hoping to go to the gym soon.  Tummy still isn’t a 100% and don’t wanna go until it’s fully better.  Until then…. I will see you soon. Remember, find camera thoughts.  Thanks!