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So Sunday I fell pretty sick it hit me pretty fast and hard (doesn’t it always).  At first I thought it was from the night before.  D and I went on a date and I knew I drank some wine.  I also had this dip and thought maybe that was it.  By night fall it was apparent I was pretty sick!

I will spare you the details let’s just say it wasn’t pretty and today I am finally starting to feel somewhat better.  Still slowly eating soup though lol.  So I don’t foresee much working out the next couple days.  My body still feels pretty weak, I have busted blood vessels in my face and my stomach feels like someone punched me… sigh…

I did weigh in for my challenge and I am 294.0 I thought it would be more given hos much fluids I lost but sometimes I have found you still retain a little in that case so who knows.  Hopefully I will be a 100% soon!