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MC900227344So Monday was supposed to be my Nutritionist appointment, than Tuesday was my ENT appointment, and finally, Wednesday was my INR.  The problem was I am on this plan by our county and apparently I found out when I had my MRI that it might of already expired.  So on Friday I called and confirmed that yes, in fact it did!  Not only did it expire it seems they don’t inform you when it does so.  (How nice of them!).

I kind of have a freak out appointment because I have appointments coming up.  I was mainly worried about my INR.  I missed my last one so it’s been a few weeks since I last went.  And my ENT appointment we were suppose to find out if my MRI showed anything.  Even though I figured that it wouldn’t I still wanted to know!

So on Monday I decided I was going to have to miss that appointment.  I got all the documentation they said they needed.  Since on Tuesday I had an appointment just across the street from where I had to reapply I thought I would do everything then thus saving us gas!

Tuesday morning we all get up bright and early.



I drop off D and M and I head out to the eligibility office.  We get there before it even opens (score!).  Once it opens we were one of the first people who were seen.  It was bad enough I had to bring a 1 yr old to this appointment, worse was there were issues.

Seems in their system D shows up in a different county, even though we have lived here now for 4 yrs AND we had this SAME issue last year and they said the “fixed” it none the less, they said they couldn’t complete it that day because I had to show extra proof of residence for him.  Ugh, really??? I asked this very question on Friday!

I kind of start to freak and on the brink of tears saying “but, I have appointments this week”.  The lady next to the guy helping me (she was also helping him for he was new) say oh, honey you can still go to your appointments we can back date it. What?  Excuse me?  See last year there was this whole thing about this exact thing.

We had to prove with more documentation that D lived in our county.  This was the day that I was in their hospital they told me then that they could NOT back day. But miss chickadee here is saying she can and up to a year if needed! Um, okay… By this time my 1 yr old’s patience is wearing thin.

Everything I do to entertain her lasts oh, like 5 minutes!  We drew on paper, we sang, we counted, we played musical chairs (okay, so she played solo).  She said hi to everyone there, we did this rotation over and over with bouts of her whaling on the floor in despair.

Finally, TWO hours later we were free!  Now, it was time for the next appointment.



I walked to the hospital, and to the ENT office.  To my surprise M did much better here.  This time M was in her stroller so once we got into the office she found it fun to climb in and out of it.  This totally kept her busy!  Once we were called back then it got hard because by this time little miss M needed a nap.  We started our morning at 5:30am and it was now almost 12pm.

After like 1 1/2 hours the doc comes in, says the MRI was good and they saw nothing.  Yay!  They gave me a referral for a hearing aid and want to see me in a year for a re-evaluation to see if I lose any more hearing!  Thank goodness… He was super nice and could see that M was no longer having the visit.  So he hurried the nurses along to get me out asap!

On our way to get Daddy from work and eating a bagel!

On our way to get Daddy from work and eating a bagel!

Wednesday, kind of the same routine, we were up at 6:30 this day dropped off D, then we had to venture over to walmart to spare sometime and breakfast, we woke up a bit late so I didn’t eat!  Plus I had an hour to spare until my appointment.

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Got to the INR place, did my thing, loved the scale (first time probably ever there), and INR was perfect 2.3 I tell him I swear it’s because I am working out again.  Explained that when I was walking regularly we didn’t have any issues but when I stopped it went all over the place.

All in all good appointment and we were out by 9:45 🙂 not too shabby of a day and much better then the previous ones!  We pretty much went home and spend our day watching Yo Gabba, ate lunch, she took a nap and then it was time to get daddy and work out.

Mentioning the workout, I posted yesterday bout my work out, hitting the wall and over coming it.  I totally feared not being able to walk today but to my surprise I am not nearly as sore as I thought I would be.  I mean I’m sore but it’s doable.  I wish today was a work out day but I have to go to work tonight so the gym isn’t possible today.

However, I noticed M was out of juice and since D took the van today I have to walk so I think that will be my exercise for the day.  Plus I need to do some major cleaning today!  So Happy Thursday everyone….. The weekend is almost here!