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So there you are running, on the treadmill, elliptical, working out with weights doing what ever it is you do for exercise.  You are working and working hard and then it hits you….

The Wall….

At first you are afraid, it’s like a hill  mountain.  It seems impossible. Your body wants to tap out, raise the white flag and shout.  I AM DONE!  You look beyond the horizons and think “I can do this”.  With a small okay, large amount of doubt.  Your heart is pounding, sweating is pouring off down your face dripping 1, 2, 3 drops at a time.  You decided.

I will continue….

And just like that, you this person who once wanted to die your first 5 minutes now you have turn into a machine.  You break  bust through that walls of bricks as if it was cardboard and continue on.  To your surprise you gain this wind of energy, this unknown power.  You start to do and feel things you have never felt before.  This is even far better than even victory alone, this my friends, this is the moment you realized that you are a fighter.  You are in this to win it.  You are determined and nothing will stop you!  You faced your demons head on and you are better for it.

Today I found my wall…..

I was going to talk about the past few days of doctors appointments and show case my cute little muse but I will save that for tomorrow.  Today my friends, today,  I want to share my workout.  My pride and joy of a work out.

Today I surprised even ME 🙂

First, my friend from my weight loss group likes to give us challenges.  I won’t lie most of the time when she posts them I  think “she is pretty crazy”, but think they are doable.  I haven’t seen her post one in a while so I asked for the challenge and a challenge she gave me.

MM900303472The challenge:

The challenge was 100 jumping jacks, 1 minute of bicycle crunches, and 1 minute of push ups as much as we could do and we were to repeat the last two.

The challenge went like this:

I get my work out shirt to hold the girls in nice and tight along with my bra since I knew I would be bouncing lol.  And I start.  Now, I can’t really remember the last time I did jumping jacks I normally avoid them because I think they are cruelty to the breast, but for the sake of the challenge I thought I would do them.  IT’s funny because at first a 100 doesn’t seem like a lot.  But I knew better, I knew it was (at least for me).  I also knew the last time I did them I could only do a few.  In fact, it was with one of those biggest loser dvd’s that I had and I did modified version (funny I just remembered that and kind of chuckled).

So I was off, I started and thought wow, I’m still going.  I got to 25 and tapped out, took a 30 second breather and thought the “you got this” and continued, that didn’t last as long I would say about 10-15 minutes more.  I won’t lie, I stopped probably about 5 times. BUT I did it!  I got to a 100!  Score, Feat number 1 DONE!

Next, bicycle crunches.  Now I can do generic crunches, they are a little odd since the boobs want to smother my face.  BUT I make due!  So to start I find as I mentioned on my FB fan page (which you should like you haven’t already) that either I am too fat, too weak or my tummy muscles just suck!  But either way it’s one of those sights where you feel like your moving but you know deep down you really are not lol

I am serious! I think my boobs almost suffocated me and I just moved my legs up and down.  I was not very successful at doing many either about 25 the first go round, I won’t lie I lost count mainly due to think man this can’t be right and then thinking I don’t think I could even due a full sit up I think honestly, my stomach would burst? (Is that even possible?).

So anyways, then push-ups.

young man exercising in a park


I HATE HATE HATE push-ups.  They are SO hard for me.  Arm wise and body wise.  Look when you are like 300lbs that’s a lot of weight to maneuver up and down.  So I *try* to be a bad ass and do the “man” push-ups… Yeah… about that….. I got oh, about 3 and switched to the girly ones.  Yes, I cheated!  I am not ashamed!  I did oh, about 20 or so…. Then repeated which was more sorry than the first go round.

BUT I did DO IT! That counts for something right?

Then it was time to pick up D from work and hit the gym (3rd day in a row this week booyah! and btw was my goal this week).  I got on my friend here:

My "friend" - sorry crappy cell phone pic!

My “friend” – sorry crappy cell phone pic!

I love this elliptical.  This one doesn’t have where the arms move.  I can do that one too but this one has some cool settings to where I can fluctuate my workout to being hard and easy so I do the weight loss mode that does just that.  It can be a work out let me tell ya.

When you start its 28 mins and then a 5 min cool down.  I did my first go round as you see here.


Then I thought, I think I can do that again.  So off I went.  I was on FIRE…. (is that song This girl is on fire in your head? What about now?) Then the last 15 mins came and I started to hit the wall,  thought I can’t go any further, but I did.  I pushed, and pushed and finally that big mountain I was over it like a tiny hill.

After that point nothing could stop me.  I was standing tall, heck I was even workout with out holding on (this is harder than it looks) D even made a comment about how I could talk while I worked out.  (It’s the little things).  I then completed my 28 minutes (I wanted to do a full 60 minutes) as you see here 🙂


But wait….

I wasn’t done!


I then got on the bike and it hit HARD for 15 minutes.  Ranging for 5 minutes at a time from level 5 to level 10.  (remember before I had to work ONE round of 4 minutes on 10) well I did it for FIVE minutes! whoo-hooo.  I was pretty soaked from sweat and now need a major shower but feel GREAT…..

Today was very much a victory at the gym.  I can’t wait to have more! I worked out like 10 point something miles and burned like over 600 calories! Yeah, that’s right, Me I did that!


Me red face and all!