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MC900434649So last week I was getting seriously upset.  My weight started creeping back up and I was not happy about it.  Last Friday I weighed in at 300 exactly.  I got depressed, felt defeated.

Then on Tuesday AF came!  Finally.  I knew it was a factor in the weight issue given on Monday I was now 303 (ugh) by Tuesday night I was back down to 300 (that’s 3lbs of fluid in just a day dang!).

I decided on Tuesday that I was not going to put so much into what I eat. I mean I plan to eat good don’t get me wrong.  But my life shall not revolve around it.  I do know I have to watch my carbs, we don’t feel at this time gluten is my issue.

So this week I got me spinach wraps, some brown rice again and finally felt “normal”.  I ate as I was hungry and pretty much for the most part what I wanted and I am happy to say the scale today was 297 (down 3lbs from last Friday!).

Now, I’m not super excited given I was 294 a few weeks ago BUT that’s okay.  I think I have a nice flow going.  I go to the gym now about 3 times plus a week, I am watching what I am eating.  I also stopped weighing in so much.

I still will be weighing in on Tuesdays because of my Challenge and I have considered making that my weigh in day for at least during the challenge but I will let you know for sure on that next week.  I don’t want to get too caught up in a number.

I know with me working out several factors can cause a gain (like swelling) so I don’t want to get too upset and undo all I am trying to accomplish.  I will say I would LOVE to get under 280 that is actually my first goal!  I know it should be less, but I was just below 280 when I started gaining again so to go below will show my body is finally working with me.

Please pray that SOMETHING will work here.  I am sick and tired of weighing this much, fighting, watching every bite, to really go no where.   People run circles around me, I mean it’s bad to compare but it’s soooo incredibly hard to watch others bust their butts to lose weight and lose all the while I am still struggling not only to lose BUT to keep OFF what I lose!

So for now I am happy and will consider this a victory.