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Row of Exercise BikesSo yesterday D and I hit the gym.  I will admit I do so much better with him there.  So even though it’s a bit of an inconvenience we are going to continue.  So I started with my warm up which was 15 minutes on the elliptical then we moved to the weights.

Yesterday, I wanted to focus on my arms so I picked four machines that all worked different area of my arms and did 3 sets of 15 and then repeated them again.  My arms are still a little jello like today!  Then I went to the bike to finish.  The bike is fun for me because even though the way I do workout on the bike is still a work out it’s still kind of like a break (I guess since I am sitting).

So on the bike I normally alternate 2 minutes on level 5 and 1 minute on level 10 (which is hard for me BTW).  This time I wanted to challenge myself  so it went like this:

2 minutes level 5

2 minutes level 10

2 minutes level 5

3 minutes level 10

2 minutes level 5

4 minutes level 10 (FOUR Minutes!)….

I was sweating hardcore when we got done!  I had to talk myself through it though lol Yesterday was defiantly one of those days where you really don’t feel like working out but you are forcing yourself to do it anyways.  And good thing because today I am excited to workout! Yay!

So I ask you what do you do in your workouts to challenge yourself?