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I am done, I keep trying to do what seems right and what seems to make weight loss “faster” which never ends up faster for me anyways.  I am going to STOP stressing about this….

I have an appointment with a nutritionist on the 11th, so I can hopefully get more ideas, in the mean time I will just use common sense.  While I do think that eating meat, veggies and fruit is a great way to eat it’s just not feasible for me long-term.

I am on the go from time to time and don’t have time to cook and doing it a head of time just doesn’t happen.  So instead of trying to force myself to be something I am not (a constant cook) I have to get creative and think of ways to do this but do it right! (for me that is)

I looked back at old food logs and I ate “normal” things just things higher in carbs and such I didn’t eat as much.  When I did worry about the scale, and just ate as I felt like (not crazy feel like but eat to live type deal) I did just fine.  So I am going to stick to this.

No crazy restrictions.  If it doesn’t work, well hopefully something will but for now I don’t want food to rule my life either NOR my weight…  I know your mental state has a lot to do with everything so I am doing my best to my mental state in a much better place!

I even am getting rid of my main FB.  I do have one for just groups/my page.  I was going to just delete a ton of people but I didn’t want to deal with questions of why I deleted them.  This seemed like a better solution.  Just start a new and tell others I just have to go because well, I do 🙂 I have to worry about me right now! It’s nothing personal toward them.

In other news so on Saturday I had to get an MRI done.  I had my hearing test not too long ago and found that my hearing went from mild loss to moderate to severe loss.  Since it’s gotten dramatically worse over the years and on the verge of me being deaf in that ear the ENT wanted to do a MRI to make sure there is no hidden tumors.

Anyways…. So the ENT requested them to do a MRI with contrast this means I needed an IV.  So I was scheduled to come in on Saturday Night at 6pm (Just how I like to spend my Saturdays!).  Got in and found they were running an hour behind. At this point I was confident my decision to go alone with out D and M was the best choice.

Finally about an hour later I was called back.  The nurse tells me how her hands are tired but luckily I am her last patient to do IV’s tonight.  I tell what arm works best and about where other nurses have had luck and let her know if she finds another place that’s fine too.

Long story short two nurses later, 3 blown veins and 5 attempts the IV was finally in.  As of yesterday this was my arms!  OUCH! ugh… It looks even nastier today….. But all is well gym tonight and stew for dinner is in the plan for today so I’m excited.  Happy Tuesday everyone!

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