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Another Friday is here.  As I mentioned yesterday I was expecting a gain OR maintain.  I was right!  I weighed in at 300 even that is a gain of 2.6 basically my body is slowly regaining all that I lost like 2 weeks ago.

Even with the cheats I had (which were not splurges mind you) I have to say I am a bit annoyed.  I think I have a hard time with the idea that the only way I lose is if I do just the whole meat, veggies and fruit.

If I start adding anything back I gain.  It really really sucks.  Especially when you are use to eating other foods.  I mean it means no rice, quinoa, pastas (whole grain or not), any type of bread, most sauces, most restaurant/fast food choices with a few exceptions the list goes on.

While, I have been able to live with out most of this stuff it does get pretty boring.  Meat and some veggies after a while is dull…. When it gets dull it makes me want other things because I want something good and well, non dull. Not to mention if I DO eat any of these things after going a period of time with out I gain ALOT FAST.  I mean I have gained 6lbs in less than 3 weeks.  It’s annoying at this point.

It’s obvious as I have talked about this non stop that I KNOW this is what I will have to do.  I haven’t done it long enough long term to see if it really is the key.  I mean why can’t I be normal?  Seriously?

I mean normal people eat things just in smaller amounts and lose weight me, so not the case.  I can’t find the right formula.  Even D is struggling.  I just don’t know what we are doing wrong.

I know quiet a bit about diet and such. We have honestly changed the way we were eating before and while he has lost almost 60lbs in the past 1 1/2 and of course I have lost really nothing (THAT SUCKS!) I am at a loss….

What do you do if your body just doesn’t want to lose?