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So tomorrow’s weigh in will most likely be up.  I haven’t eaten horribly bad, but have had a couple of things not “on plan” like I ate a tortilla yesterday.  The rest was at least gluten-free…. Either way not on plan.  Workout didn’t happen either and may not today I feel like poo….

AF is on her way so tomorrows weigh in will be higher I am almost a 100% sure but that also means next weeks will be pretty low or should be 🙂 so that’s good I guess.  I was debating on weighing at all but I suppose I will just won’t be upset if there is a gain.  Being a girl sucks sometimes.

I keep telling myself that even so as of today I am down 5lbs since 3 weeks ago I mean that’s still good!  I don’t know what caused me to dip down to 294 but for some reason I can’t get back to it though.  ugh. I wish my weight loss progress was like everyone elses.  I won’t lie apart of me feels like I will be fat forever.

I have strongly started to consider what my other options really can be if in a year I am still not going anywhere.  This year I am trying the nutritionist  the gym and hopefully in the coming months a trainer.  If none of these work I have to find something that will.  I really can’t stand being this big 😦

It’s all journey that’s for sure.  I know they say slow and steady wins the race I at this time would just hope this time next year I am at least 40 to 50lbs lighter… SOME progress more than 10lbs or so in a year has GOT TO HAPPEN!