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A new week is upon us.  I swear each week goes by SO fast.  So this weeks goals I have for myself are.

1. To stick to the plan with no cheat days.  As I said previously, it seems anytime I eat certain foods I gain quiet a bit and it tends to hang on me for a while.  I don’t like this.  I have a mission.  I haven’t done well with the 30 days of just meat, veggies and fruit (with my few exceptions) however, I haven’t done horribly either. I think that cheat days are fine but something effects me and I am on a quest to find out what.  So in the mean time no cheating.

2.  Work out…. The goal this week is to work out Monday – Thursday.  Fridays are family night and the weekends are a hit or miss so realistically Monday – Thursday is something I know I can keep.

That’s it.  Just simple goals.  Eat well and Exercise.