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I would love to say I lost week but I didn’t.  But if you saw my post yesterday you would know I didn’t expect a loss given that yesterday when I weighed in I was 300lbs.

I know that I am retaining and yesterday it was obvious my body was trying to release excess fluid.  So this morning I was 297.4 which is a 2.6 gain.  But I am sure this number will keep going down.

So next week I SHOULD see a loss!

Either way I am still working my butt off.  Last night D and I went to the gym I did 15 minute warm up on the elliptical  then I did some floor exercises (crunches, squats, push up etc) then we hit the weight machines and I worked on my arms.  After that D and I went to the bikes there I alternated between level 5 to level 10 (which level 10 is hard for me) I would do 2 minutes at 5 and 1 minute at 10 and boy was I sweating!

It really was a good work out.  1 1/2 hours at the gym and we left 🙂 I really do enjoy the gym and glad that I started going!