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So I weighed in a day early because on Tuesday I was up quiet a bit and so I wanted to see if it weight went back down.  Well, so you know no such luck IN FACT it went UP!

I so don’t want to hear muscle weighs more than fat because I haven’t been doing this long enough (the workouts) to really gain that much muscle.  I have gained almost 7lbs since last Friday WTH?

I know that this weekend I had a few not so great choices, but really freaking come on now.  I have eaten good the rest of this week and this is what I get several pound GAIN, I didn’t even gain this much after eating the damn pizza on Friday.  Are you kidding me?

I am so sick of this.  I knew I had a right to be scared by the losses….. I was scared because so far in the journey I only lose weight for a short period of time and then my body catches on and holds on to my freaking weight like a damn clamp and won’t let go!

I even decided to measure thinking maybe my measurements will make me feel better?  Nope, not at all it made me feel worse.  My measurements were exactly what they were before I started the Diuretics.  Nice huh?  I have 6 inches extra in just my stomach  alone!

I work out and work out HARD.  Yesterday I did an hour of Cardio and of course my weights.  Cardio was fat burning mode on the elliptical and then I did the bike too where I did 2 minutes on a lower resistance and then 1 minute on a high resistance.  Boy was it work out.

The only common dominator in all this has been carbs/gluten.  The weeks I ate JUST meat, veggies and fruit I had losses.  The only thing I allowed myself was the dove dark chocolate a few times a week.  However, I have noticed if I add anything else even in the smallest amounts I gain.

It kind of sucks, does this mean now I just can’t have anything other than these things?  I mean I guess I will live if that’s how it has to be but still…. ugh…. I was just hoping by Wednesday it was going to drop back down.

I will just eat some good foods to really get my digestive track moving maybe it’s just a lot of freaking bloat? ugh.