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DONUTThe morning started out with rain which means I needed the van today to take the kids to and from school because normally they walk.  Taking the van consists of taking D to work which takes 45 minutes there and back.  This also means earlier wake times and leave times.

Of course that doesn’t always pan out as planned and this more was no exception.  There was just two poptarts left and 3 school children.  After a disagreement with my oldest and explaining that I won’t let her starve we left and took everyone to their destinations.

After I dropped off the elementary kids I stopped by the donut shop to get my oldest two donuts and one for the little one.  At first when I walked in I though I can get something?  Maybe a pig in the blanket or something? But then I remembered D and my conversation which went like this:

D: Tell me how to get out of 240

Me: Tell me how to get out of 280

Me: I think I need to just buckle down and just keep to the plan… I need to eat to live not live to eat….

So with that in mind I didn’t get any donuts.

I was going to go to the gym this morning but time got in the way.  So I started working first instead.  I was going to do 7 straight hours but my allergies are kicking my butt I may stop at noon and nap with M and work tonight.  D and I plan to go to the gym together tonight after I pick him up from work so it’s all good 🙂

So what food did you recently defeat?