So yesterday I felt like poo, in fact I figured I should just skip the gym.  D came home got ready and off he went to work out. Before he left I asked if he could pick up a pack of diapers for M.

Of course he comes home with NO diapers!  He thought he would be funny by saying he wanted to do me a favor and get me out of the house!  Tricky tricky man!  Anyways, I start to get ready to leave and then thought well the gym isn’t far from the store so I miles well just get dressed and work out!

So I did!  I started on the elliptical working out for 20 minutes and went for 1.5 miles.  Then I thought hmmmmm I’ll do the bikes I have never done those and I wanted something low impact on my legs.

With that I had done another 20 minutes and 8 miles.  But the best part was while I was working out on the bike two ladies sat next to me to work out too.  Just around the time where I was just going to stop thinking I don’t think I can finish the 20 minutes the ladies stand up and one of them say to me, “I don’t know how you can keep going?  I wanted to die” I said well I wanted to die 10 minutes ago.

Of course I then finished my 20 minutes and then some as well as doing my abs and arm exercises with the weights.  And…. it felt great!  I have to say I LOVE my gym.

I know it might seem silly but it feels nice to see so many different body types there and there is a lot of over weight people there.  You see them busting their butts and it’s nice to see because its shows me that I can do it too!

Anyways, so the scale was up this morning and I was a bit upset at first thinking wth?  Seriously this is from some pizza and donuts over the weekend? Is my body already getting use to this lifestyle???? WTH?  Then I remembered I drank wine on Sunday night!

Ugh that’s why it was on my list of no go’s for the next 30 days….. So yeah, it’s bloat.  Figures, but at least it makes sense now 🙂