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Well the weekend is over and a new Monday is here.  Today I have one of my older daughters home.  School is out today but she isn’t feeling well so she is with me while the other older two are with their dad.  It’s nice though because she keeps M company while I work!

Since there was no school I just slept today which I am sure I will regret later.  Sigh, oh well… So today’s goals are to eat well and to go to the gym when D gets home today.  I didn’t do the gym all weekend so I NEED to go.

Eating this weekend wasn’t the best, but boy was it strange.  So Friday I got pizza (yeah the no eating out thing just doesn’t work for me lol) the kids usually get one night a week of take out (sometimes not even that) So I got the pizza and thought I could eat pizza?

It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t like oh so good either!  I was shocked.  Also shocked it didn’t take much for me to fill up.  Then Saturday we got donuts as a surprise to the kids because we haven’t had them in god I don’t know how long (see the trend here) and those were OMG WAY too sweet!  Didn’t really enjoy those either.

So Sunday we had just the two girls and we went to applebee’s and I just had some chicken and veggies and that felt much better.  It really is amazing as you steer away from foods how quickly it feels different and tastes different to you!  We have been slowly phasing a lot of things out of our diets and the past few weeks was the first we started phasing almost everything that wasn’t meat, veggies and fruit.

It’s been interesting.  I do think I blew my weigh in for the Challenge tomorrow by the eating this weekend.  I didn’t go nuts BUT I have noticed that eating this foods cause swelling so for that reason alone I do think that I might either stayed the same OR will show a gain.  That’s okay though, it’s baby steps right?

I mean you don’t go from skinny to fat in a day right?  So I can’t expect me to be always awesome and not slip from time to time either.  Not saying it’s cool so just do it but more so I am human and don’t be super hard on myself when I do.  It’s a process and change takes time!  So anyways, I do believe I still will see a loss on Friday and that is the weigh in that matters most to me 🙂