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0214131428Well on Monday and Tuesday D and I worked out and we worked out HARD!  So much so we argued on who hurt the most lol.  I seriously could not walk very well at all on Wednesday to the point my legs gave a few times.  I think we overdid it just a wee-bit.

So we took last night off and we will be going together tonight.  I don’t know about D but I told him today I am just doing abs and cardio that’s it lol.  The kids (older ones at least) HATE the gym daycare, but I just told them to suck it up.  This is important.

Besides they got some yummy valentines stuff 🙂 Me? I got myself 27 Dresses and some Dove Dark Chocolate 🙂 I know how to spoil me!  I’m excited even bought a few more work out pants and a shirt 🙂 Oh and some socks (wa-hoo).

I didn’t think we could pull off us working out together and we didn’t plan it either.  I thought it would be too difficult with dinner (which it does make dinner a bit crazy) and the kids but honestly it works out okay I think.

Tomorrow is weigh in day but I don’t expect much.  I noticed some swelling yesterday in my legs so we will see. 🙂 Until then Happy Valentines Day and I will see you tomorrow!