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439282859_e17fe6bed2_nJello arms and legs that is….  The joys of working out especially when you haven’t in a long time.  We did opt for the free personal training session.   I have done the free ones in the past and found that they were helpful so I thought why not.

We were not expecting much of a work out.  D and I went together.  When we first got there it seems they didn’t have us in the books but they got us someone quick and she worked out with the both of us together.

First we did the basics get to know us, what we are looking to achieve.  Weight, body fat test all that fun stuff that typically on your first day makes you wanna die.  Then we worked out.  I wasn’t expecting a big work out but we did more than what I thought we were going to do.  She worked with us for about an hour.

We did some floor exercises and then she took us to the machines to try some strength training.  We are supposed to go back tonight if we decide to hire her for the month.  It’s basically 30 a day or something like that twice a week.  We are considering the bi weekly option to save plus D and I are pretty good at once we know what to do we can take it from there.

For now I wanted to make sure I was doing the exercises with the weights right! While, I have been in talk with the other trainer, she is about an hour away.  I typically chat with her about food but that’s about it.  It seems if I did anything with her it would be outdoors, which isn’t bad except for I want to utilize the gym too so it would be nice to know what machines are good for what and how to use them.

I did my weigh in for my biggest loser challenge for my mom’s group and I was shocked.  I am down 8lbs since Last Tuesday and like 2.6 since Friday.  If I knew months ago all I needed to do was eat meat, veggies, fruit and that’s basically it I would lose weight finally, I so would have done it.  Before I still had some grains and such in my diet.  Taking them out has helped a ton as well as taking out gluten and what I call processed carbs lol.

I’m excited.  We shall see if the scale keeps going down!