0210131536I know I have went on and on about getting a gym membership and haven’t done it until Yesterday!!!! D and I went to the gym and signed ourselves up.  For 12 dollars a month (after taxes) we now have a gym we can call home.  It even comes with free daycare services!

I am so excited and well, scared too.  I haven’t been to a gym in a really long time.  Things going through my head are:

1. Everyone will stare about how fat I am

2. I so hope I don’t break a machine (yes this is a fear!)

3. Man I am going to look so stupid trying to run….

But I keep telling myself this is MY thoughts and most people go to the gym for themselves not to gock at others!

I also decided to make a hair change… I do this often lol.  I get bored look for a change….

Months ago I went Red.  It was fading and well time for a change so I as a request of the kids who helped picked the color I went blonde again!  So what do you think?

1106121328 mistyblonde

I have to say that so far I have done pretty well I think with my plan!  This weekend D and I did eat out BUT it was for VDay and well, I didn’t want to burst his bubble and say no.  However, I think we still managed to eat well.  We did far better than we normally do that’s for sure!

I weigh in tomorrow for my Biggest Loser Challenge, hopefully I am still down.  Ya know how those pounds like to creep up over the weekend! yikes! ugh.  So not fun.  All in all I am excited still!  For the first time in a long time I feel like this weight loss thing just might be possible for me.  I won’t hold my breath just yet though.

Tonight D and I are to meet with the trainer for our free session.  I am hoping to really get an idea on what I can do at the gym while I am there.  More so a what you should do when you walk in til you walk out lol.  Wish me luck!