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weightAnother week has gone and now it’s time to weigh in.  Last Friday I was 299.4 I was a bit in shock when I weighed in for my challenge on Tuesday at 302 but knew with AF being here that was most likely the source of the gain since she came on Saturday.

So this morning just what 3 days later I wasn’t expecting much.  However, I will say I have stayed on plan.  I have eaten mostly meat and veggies (oddly enough yesterday was mostly meat the day before was mostly veggie), but with not much processed food (kraft cheese I think was as processed as it got).

Naturally, this morning I got up went potty and stepped on the scale…. The few seconds passed by I stood there not amused until the number 296.4 popped up!  What? Are you kidding me? Seriously? Holy Cow! That’s 5.6lbs since Tuesday and a full 3lbs since my last weigh in here!!!

I did my happy dance!  Because this made me OH so happy.  For two weeks in a row now I am down!  Actually, down a total of 6 pounds in the past two Fridays.  That’s awesome and something I haven’t been able to achieve.

Guess I will be totally continuing with my plan 🙂 Yay!