healthyfoodHave you fallen into the trap that you can’t eat healthy because you can’t afford it?  It’s been told to us time and time again just how cheap crap food really is.  Crap food I mean heavily processed foods that are full of bad fats, carbs and typically (but not always) calories.

Even the poor gets targeted as helpless, in the sense that they eat the way they do because they have no choice.  When you have little money you are going to get whatever to survive.  Right?

I know of this trap because we too fell into this trap we thought that man, eating healthy is expensive!  I am here to tell you today we were wrong well partially wrong.  Yes, if you have a teeny tiny budget, I am talking like less than a 100 a week for a family and you suck (like me) at coupons lol, than yes, eating healthy may seem expensive.

If you live off of nothing but Roman noodles sure!  But that’s the thing.  In my experience and observations we don’t just get the “cheap” food and eat it AND in smaller portions.  Typically bad foods are followed with more bad food.  Let me give an example at just how expensive “cheap” food can be.

So say you are the store and you think to yourself we are going to have some hot dogs for dinner (they are cheap right?).  So you get your hot dogs (lets say you are a small family unlike us as we are a family of 6).  So cheap hot dogs at wally world are .98 cents, then you need buns those are 1.00, then we need chips because who can have hot dogs with out chips right?  We get the cheap ones because big name brands cost more (and if you are lucky you can catch a sales add and get the most expensive one for the same price) so you get chips at 2.00.  We like that cheese dip too 2.99 I’ll get that.

Now you are like I need to wash it down with some Soda that’s another 1.50.  Oh, and Ice cream don’t forget we need desert.  That’s 2.50 (for the cheap stuff).  Crap we forgot the sides, ya know the kids like chili on their hot dogs another .98 cents (score that’s cheap!), oh yeah, cheese… We need cheese 2.00.  Crap we are out of ketchup .98 and mustard .98.  Sweet everything was pretty cheap.

You get to the register and ring it up your total is 14.93 almost 15 dollars for ONE meal that will last your family one day with most likely little to no left overs (with the exception of the ketchup and mustard of course)….  You think to yourself that’s not bad?  That was just Hot Dogs, Fixings, Chips, Dip, Soda and Ice Cream…. Now let me show you a cheap meal that is not in processed heaven I mean hell.

So here is a meal that’s healthier….Crock pot Whole Chicken, Salad, Green Beans and Strawberries.  Whole Chicken 4.98, Onion 1.00, Spices 2.00 to rub it with for taste, Lettuce 1.74, Tomatoes .98, Cucumber 1.00, Dressing 1.98, Green Beans .76 (canned), Strawberries 2.50 and water to drink (free) that brings your total to: 16:94

But you say Misty, that’s 2 dollars more than the 1st meal… See eating healthier IS more expensive!!! Well, now just hold on a second.  You forgot, you’re a family of 4. So that whole Chicken now has left overs and your salad too.  You now have lunch for tomorrow (chicken salad!).  So for 2 dollars more you made your family a meal and enough left overs for a chicken salad the next day.  Your first meal you were lucky if you had any left overs (aside from ketchup and mustard and if you want that for a meal, hey that’s on you!) But I’ll take the chicken salad!

There are a ton more versions I can give you but this was just a small idea….

Last night I spent 160 dollars for food.  That included chicken, ground chicken, ground turkey, chicken wings, bacon, turkey bacon, a TON of veggies, Including but not limited to potatoes, sweet potatoes, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, bell peppers, lemons, kale, spinach, cheese, eggs, fruit, butter, broth, milk, and then as a treat for the kids because they are allowed a little “crap” food once in a while poptarts, oatmeal, and I got myself a diet soda to go (my treat that I get once or so a week) and a small bar of dark chocolate (my other treat).  I know there was more but my brain is fried lol.

Normally, for a week we were struggling to spend less than 200 in a week (remember we are a family of 6).  I suck at coupons and typically shop at Kroger.  I could have done even better if I didn’t get a few items.  But all in all I was happy.  It was enough for lunches/breakfast for D and I during the week.  Dinner for 10 days, and of course lunch/breakfast for everyone on the weekends (kids eat at school for breakfast and lunch during the week).

So see you can eat better without breaking the bank.  Tune back tomorrow and I will give you some tips on how to eat healthier cheap! 🙂