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I decided yesterday that I wanted to start my own 30 day challenge.  This isn’t some plan persay that I have found it’s something I decided on my own with my own terms and conditions.  I feel like I do better when I give myself limitations.

The plan is to eat only meat, veggies, and fruit.  The exceptions are serving size of dressing, diet soda (but only one day if that because I don’t drink them often), dark chocolate (limit twice a week tops one serving) and greek yogurt.  I am not allowed to eat out at all for 30 days.  If I have to break this rule, I cannot pay lol (trying to save money) and it still has to be with in the guidelines.

This morning I really had to work at this challenge because D and I woke up late.  We woke up at the time we leave to take him to work.  Since I needed the van today because I had a doctor’s appointment at 8:45am for my INR (which was low 1.2 ugh) and M’s appointment at 11:45 (which went well). I had no time to prep for breakfast and lunch.

So I had to improvise.  I asked D to give me 10 dollars for lunch and I would go to walmart.  First I started with the salads, those were 100 and something calories but 4 servings (5 grams of carbs per serving) that was a no deal.

So I got some chicken.  I was disappointed to see all the crap in this chicken and dye for the grill marks (really?) But in a pinch cooked and for 2.98 it would have to do.


Then I also go this, which was snap peas, carrots, and broccoli in some ranch (tiny cup).  Perfect. and Diet soda 🙂



I ate all the veggies and half the chicken.  I also packed with me some Strawberries,orange and apple.  Which I ended up eating a few strawberries for breakfast (I know not much food there).  BUT the thing was I didn’t eat out.  I wanted to.  And I could have easily spent 10 on myself at a fast food joint.

Instead I got veggies, chicken, grapes for M, capris for my son and a diet dr. pepper for myself.  So I consider that Victory! Yay!