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8365364565_d6bc063829_mSo yesterday I started to get alarmed that AF (sorry guys) had not come yet. I am normally like clock work but it had now been 3 days with nothing in sight.  Deep down I didn’t think I was pregnant, but I couldn’t deny the fact that a few weeks ago we had a condom break… Yikes! That’s never happened!

So yesterday M went to sleep early, I knew deep down this was bad!  But figured she would just wake up.  Well, she didn’t.  Not until like 1:30am in which she was ready to be up for the day!  So naturally, we got up and I turned on yo gabba gabba.  I thought that she was going to turn in and give me some more sleep since she seemed tired.  So turned everything off and went to the bedroom when all hell breaks loose.

Apparently, she wasn’t ready.  By this point D and I are both pretty awake despite my efforts to go back to sleep after he took over.  So we are up and he is fixing breakfast.  The question lingering am I or am I not started to really bother me.  With the meds that I am it’s important if I ever suspect it I have to find out right away!  So we both decided to just not wait any longer so at 4am I got a test and phew it was negative.  As much as I would love a baby, it’s just not the time for a ton of reasons!

So I weigh myself, and you should know that the scale is going down yay!  Hopefully this eating will continue to help.  I have been eating mostly meat, veggies and fruit.  No gluten.  So it’s been good 🙂 D left for work, and M and I fell back to sleep until 10am which I began work.  It’s a pretty lazy day.  Like any Wednesday rightfully should be!  Crazy morning to a relaxing afternoon.