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cupSo this morning I woke up feeling GREAT!  I don’t always feel that way at 5:45 am.  I had to take the van today because some big thunderstorms are supposed to be on their way in and I didn’t want the youngens to get soaked walking home from school.

So being the nice mother I am I took them to school.  Which required me talking D to work, that followed an earlier up time.  So for me to say I feel great, it’s a good thing (when is it a bad thing??? scratches head).

Anyways, so on Thursday I have an appointment with the ENT going to find out if I have lost more hearing in my ears, I suspect yes, because I really can’t hear well and it seems worse than the last time I had it checked a couple of years ago.  All I know is then they said that the nerves were dead and I lost 25% of my hearing but they don’t know however, said it shouldn’t get worse.  It has, so I got an appointment.

I got my appointment for the nutritionist as well, in like MARCH! ugh, by then I will have this food stuff down but eh, doesn’t hurt to have someone say you are doing it right! (at least I hope so!).  I’ll take what hopefully will be some validation.

MH900383624Also, it seems that the fluid is coming and going.  I totally tell a difference in foods that I eat and the swelling.  Yesterday I could totally feel it, and eating Mexican food on Sunday I am sure is a big reason of why.

Today it feels a lot better and has went down quiet a bit already.  So that’s nice!  We have the fridge stocked with good stuff I am just waiting for the weekend for the weekends are my weakness.  My goal this month is to eat mostly meat, veggies , fruit and of course gluten-free.

Oh oh and I bought some new pots today 🙂 my other ones the teflon was starting to wear and well that just didn’t seem healthy!  So excited to try the new ones 🙂 I almost wanted to cook once I got home but then remembered I already had breakfast lol.  I guess I will try it out at lunch! 🙂 yay for new pots!!!