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The Meet

So I met with my new personal trainer Alba who is the owner of Trainer in Pink on Saturday.  My first impression of her was that she is very pretty of course but also she is really sweet.  I have mentioned before on here and FB that I am not into in your face trainers.  I know they work great for some but I knew me I didn’t want someone screaming at me but more someone guiding me!

It was quick to see that Alba and I were a good match!  At least I think so 🙂 She is very kind and assertive as well.  As I told a friend of mine one day I am not looking for a trainer who will kick my ass, I am looking for a trainer who will teach me how to exercise more efficiently.  This is exactly what I told Alba!

We had a great sit down meet at Starbucks in Plano.  I will say at first I was a bit nervous not sure what to expect however, Alba left me that day with the feeling that I am working with someone who truly cares about helping others.

The Game Plan

So what we have decided for the next couple of weeks I am to eat Gluten free (which I have decided just meat, veggies and fruit) she wants to see if maybe gluten is apart of my issues.  It’s funny because I have suggested this to D because of his allergies and asthma.  I had read a lot of research that shows it helps immensely with those two things as well as many others.

For some reason I didn’t think much on it being an effect on myself!  Given that eating lower carb already was making me feel better, I figured what do I have to lose???

I have to log everything I eat, write down my exercise activity, how I feel everyday after I eat, sleep patterns and all that fun stuff and send it to her at least twice a week.  From there we will see what happens and exactly how we can move forward.  She did also suggest that I get a sports massage on my stomach to break up the scar tissue as well.

My New Journey

I am excited what the journey will bring.  I hope to meet up with Alba a few times a month if possible for a little while to start learning how to exercise to the best of my performance to reach my goals!  So I have to say I am really excited about this new journey.  I hope this year brings in some great changes with my body, mind and spirit : ).

Like quote on her Trainer in Pink FB page says “Forget making resolutions. I’m just going to do it!”