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D and I at the hospital a year ago

No I am not talking about PE class you had in school…

Actually, Pulmonary Embolisms.  In January of last year I started having breathing problems much like when I had pulmonary edema after the birth of Makayla.

Hospital Days

I went to the hospital I believe on the 24th of January and was just given some lasiks on IV and sent home told to just eat better and exercise (which at this point I was already doing.  Two days later I wasn’t feeling much better so I went back.

A CT later we found what was a huge shock to us, that I had clots in my lungs.  I spent a week in the ER, it was long and stressful to say the least.  I was also up for gaining a new well paying job that I had to turn down because I had to bed ridden for a little while due to the swelling.

We had no clue what the year would bring us but it didn’t start off so great!  All in all though, it hasn’t been that bad.  Health and weight wise, yes it has.  But I have gained so much in the process.

The changes

I learned of my blood disorder, I made this blog, I gained friends, gained a stay at home job that I like and I have gained new friends through this journey.  So while, it’s been scary it’s been a blessing in disguise as well.  I never thought I would say that.

My advice to you

I will say to my readers if at anytime you have a problem breathing, you feel a little winded doing simple thing.  Don’t hold off just get it looked at.  It could be nothing OR it could be something.  But don’t just think it’s you and you’re just out of shape.

Also don’t accept what a doctor tells you if you think they are wrong.  We all know when our gut tells us something just isn’t right here.  The past two years I have been in situations where I would have died had I listened to the first round of doctors.

It took me two, three tries each time but we got our answers.  I fight today for more answers.  So don’t give up.  Doctors are just people in practice.  They too are just learning. So they don’t know everything and sometimes things just are not what they seem.

So listen to yourself!

Thank you to my friends for being here on my journey and allowing me to be apart of yours!