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Scale-5x7-85-ppiIt was to be expected.  I am not going to be like WTH my scale is wigging on me all the while knowing, I hate horrible this weekend and then topped it off with Wendy’s and cookies last night.  Look you have to be real with yourself and you can’t blame the scale when YOU F up!

So today I’m not blaming the scale… Okay, I kind of blame the scale because it pissed me off last week.  While, the inches lost last week were cool, I am stuck on that number.  I need number therapy!  there I said it!

I have learned that when I get discouraged I sabotage myself.  Can we say emotional eater anyone??? I knew this about myself I just don’t think I had ever really tried to talk myself out of it like I did yesterday having a mental argument with myself.  Can we say crazy person?

Anyways, I also blame PMS which is a horrible beast, and then she brings aunt flow like a week later.  She really is a bitch!  Either way I figure each day is a new day and this weekend was a bump in the road.

Jumped the bump and now I am moving on.  I just need to keep on and start facing those bumps!  I think that it would be better If my body worked like a normal persons but ya know, everyone has struggles in weight loss, even those who are “normal”.

I have remind myself this daily.  So there ya have it, I confessed.  Given it’s already Wednesday, I forsee a gain on the scale by Friday but that’s okay it’s expected.  Just next Friday better be a loss dangit!