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IMG_4717For probably the first time EVER I was so happy to have weigh in friday back until this morning when I stepped on the scale.  If you remember last thursday I got my prescription for diuretics to finally get this water weight off of me.

I had been following my weight daily (only because of the swelling/diuretic issue.  I was 303 the day I started them.  By this past Tuesday I was 297.4 I was like awesome it’s working, but then Wednesday I was 299, then Thursday 300, then today 299.2 sigh….

I was bummed.  I mean I ate GREAT like really GREAT all week.  I am talking I ate freaking spinach salads with artichoke hearts, and lots of veggies great!  I even WORKED OUT.  I was like ARE YOU KIDDING ME! REALLY???? If you go by my weigh in last Friday that’s a .6 GAIN!

Okay yeah, so it’s not even a pound gain but still I was freaking 297.4 on Tuesday!  WTH!  So I got ready went to my doctor’s appointment.  I had to do my INR today to get the surprise that it was so high it was “unreadable” they said.

So they pulled me back (mind you, I had a 1 1/2 yr old with me!) took my blood and told me the wait would be another TWO hours.  I already had been there an HOUR at this point.  Ugh… Now the candy cane that I was so annoyed someone gave M has now become a life saver.  Especially, since I brought minimum snacks for her AND myself.

This also includes the small bag of chips someone else gave and I had to finally say no at the last bout of candy by another individual.  What is it  with strangers wanting to stuff babies faces with food and typically its BAD food on top of that.  ugh.

So yeah, I bribed my kid to sit with candy canes and chips.  Not my proudest mom moment but hey we got through the 3 hrs and it was WAY better than her screaming.  Not to mention we walked that office a good hour momma needed to sit down and just relax a bit!

We got the results back to my INR was 5.8 this was still high, and we are unsure why.  So they adjusted my meds once again like every visit and off we went.  Apparently now M thinks her 5 minute nap in the car was her ACTUAL nap! ugh.

Once settled in I thought, well, I miles well blog and post my weigh in Friday results.  When it hit me, ya know what?  The pants that I just freaking bought that I couldn’t even freaking zip (though the second pair I bought same brand, and same day fit fine) I was able to actually button them this week.

Off to find the measuring tape I went.  See on the 13th I thought, I should start measuring myself (now going back I looked at my weight that day and it was 300 just barely above what it is today).  I knew that I wanted to keep track of how many inches I lose.

I wished I would have done this the day I started the diuretics but either way it’s fine.  To my surprise (even though I could fit in my jeans) I let the scale tell me my progress when in fact I found more progress in my measurements than the scale could ever tell me!

While I still don’t get the science on how you can lose inches without really losing pounds I found the following….

Neck – same
Bust – lost 1.5Under Bust – 1.5
Upper Belly (cause when you are bigger you have extra belly flab!) – 2.5
Waist – .5
Lower Belly (which is usually known as someone’s hips I guess lol) – 5 INCHES (now explains why I could zip the pants)
Under the Belly – (yeah I will be glad when I don’t track this) – 2.5 inches
R Leg – 1
L Leg – 1.5
R Calve – 1.5
L Calve – 1
Ankles stayed the same
R Arm – 1
L Arm – 1
So had I used JUST the scale to determine my progress it would have felt defeating and IT DID!  But as you can see with the measurements while I am up .6lbs from last friday I am still down 3lbs from last week when I started the diuretics and most importantly I am down so far 20.5 inches off my body that’s like almost the size of TWO 12 inch subs! lol