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Boxshot Wizard file used for creating global boxshotsWonder what you do when you don’t have an overpriced gym membership, awesome personal trainer or you have kids that won’t allow you to leave a house for like five minutes?

You do what all parents out there do, play their video games!!!

So last night for my “night of exercise” for the first time in months mind you, we started with Dance Central 2.  D really likes this game, me, I was just doing it because I couldn’t of course let my readers down.

So let me explain a bit how this went down.

So I did all the normal starters:

Yoga pants on; check (wish there was a check icon?), Glass of water; check, check… shoes on; check, check, and check.  Next, bra… Because you can’t have the girls just floppy about giving me black eyes (seriously, these things are weapons!) I almost suffocated D once (not sure if he complained though?).  I don’t think this is an attractive look personally, so ya know to save the girls AND the face bra was check number 4 (incase you have lost count!) and the final check (aside from the obvious my shirt!) Pony tail!  Must NOT forget the pony tail. Check 5!

So now I am ready, D is pumped.  Let’s DO THIS! We say…

We start off and let me first say, you know at almost 300lbs NO ONE looks good dancing. I don’t care who you are, No one, looks good dancing at 300lbs.  So even though I don’t have an audience except for my “crew” who apparently is nice and fit, I already know I look like a complete moron!

But, I digress and I will do this.  So we start.  1st song, D kicks my ass… ugh ass… 2nd song D kicks my ass… ugh show off!  3rd song I kick his ass… ha! boo-ya!  4th song fail…. damn thing just isn’t tracking my moves…. 5th song – screw this shit.  Obviously, the game is screwed because I am doing the damn moves and it says “okay”…. Okay… What?  You need to check yourself!

I figure nope, not gonna, I can’t do these stupid moves that look weird coming from a cartoon like character!  Although, I totally found it hilarious watching D.  I am sure my laughter burned some calories!  This repeated for the next 2 rounds.zumba-fitness-rush1

After 3 rounds of Dance Central.  I was done!  This is soooooo for the damn birds.  Not only do some moves feel impossible for my body, I feel like a complete dingle bat!  So I have this bright idea!  Let’s do Zumba!

So off to the demo section we go.  We wait patiently for the down load while gearing ourselves up and begin!

Song one Poision.  I am like ” can do this”.  We won’t speak how it told me at the end I was a zumba trainee…. But….

Second song was some fast, cha-cha your moving until you calves fall off song.  And let me tell you.  I thought I got tired with Dance Central oh no!  no, no…. With Zumba I HURT!  Like calves on fire HURT! BUT, I did do the two full songs!  And it did say “good job” at the end.  I like the constant recognition with zumba even though I know deep down it’s totally lying lol.

So 1 1/2 hrs later we were done!  And that my friends was my work out.  We shall try more demo’s to find the right one but for now for me personally,  Zumba is in the winning! 🙂