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Batman - working final color sketchSo as I mentioned the other day my doctor prescribed some diuretics after she saw my feet!  (thank god!)

anyways, I was going to have them mailed to me but found it would cost just as much to use my pharmacy so I got them on Tuesday night and started them yesterday morning.

First thing I noticed this morning was hey, ankle bones!  And it’s starting to look like I have ankles again!  Score!  Then I decided oh yeah, I should weigh myself.  I weighed yesterday to track the progress with the pills.  And….

I was down FOUR pounds!!!! FOUR!  In ONE day!  WTH????  I am under the 300’s…. I wonder now just how much of this on me is fluid.  Also wondering just how long I am supposed to take these pills!  (Surely not forever right?).

I did read that the condition they think my be wrong with my ears the treatment is the same thing.  Who knows…. But she gave me a three months supply (I didn’t know that) with no word on when to see her again?  I really do detest her to be honest.  But super glad that she felt the fluid needed to be taken care of.

I will keep you guys updated on how this all goes.  So stay tuned!