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|works for me|__| click here to see more images |Today I wanted to write a list for those out there about Things NOT to say to an overweight person.  I am sometimes shocked at the things sometimes people say AND the assumptions as well… So here is MY list of what NOT to say….

1. You have a pretty face – While this maybe true it still feels like a stab.  It’s like saying well, at least your face isn’t ugly…..  Or like it’s like being unattractive and someone saying but your skinny.  um, thanks.

2.  If only you were skinny – I have been told several times how “hot” I would be, how “more attractive” I would be if I was thin.  While, yes, I do think that sometimes as you lose weight and gain more confidence you do have a sense about you, telling me that I would be more attractive skinny is just plain RUDE!  That would be like me saying man your face would look so much better if you didn’t have that big ass nose!

3.  Just eat a salad – OMG I swear I want to punch people when they say this!  As if Salad is the ONLY healthy food.  Ever notice most who say this are 1. eating horrible food themselves or 2. never been overweight a day in their lives!
Green salad with berries and tomatoes

4.  Are you going to eat that? – Okay, I am going to say this now, if you can have ice cream SO CAN I, being over weight doesn’t mean that I cannot have certain foods.  It doesn’t mean I can’t treat myself to things.  It’s so rude to dictate what others eat.

5.  You are lazy – Yes, there are lazy over weight people, no doubt!  However, just because someone IS overweight it doesn’t make them lazy.  Don’t assume!

6.  Don’t offer me your Fat Clothes – Unless I ask you, don’t assume I want your fat clothes that you now have out grown you.  But I don’t now want your left overs!

7.  Just go for a walk – Walking is great exercise and I’m not saying don’t do it.  It can be a great suggestion but it’s also like the eat a salad.  Don’t act like just going for a walk is going to make everyone who is overweight lose a ton of weight.

8.  How much do you eat – Um, Excuse me!  That’s a bit personal.  Unless you plan to tell me all about what you eat it’s not your business what I eat.  For the record, don’t assume that because I am overweight I eat like a dozen eggs for breakfast, a lb of bacon and a loaf of bread. Or I eat all day!  In fact, most of my skinny friends can out eat me!

9. Constantly Being the Cheerleader – Ya know that person, the overly positive one.  The one pushing, You can do it…. It’s good to hear once in a while but it gets old fast.

10.  Calling Names – Your fat, (Yes, I know my blog I call myself fat and I know I am fat I don’t need your reminder!), whale and so on.  Just because I am overweight doesn’t give you the right to verbally abuse me.  Nor does it now make you perfect.  Being overweight is my issue, I am sure you have one too.  I don’t mock and point your flaws please don’t do the same to me!

So what are things you hate to hear people say about weight?