0107131244It’s Monday and today was the day for the long-awaited appointment.  Ya know, the one that I asked for back in July when my results showed I had a normal thyroid and yet I wasn’t losing weight well despite eating good, watching carb intake and walking 4 miles a day plus a work out at home.

So, I was already not looking forward to this appointment because at first I thought I was going to have to bring all four kids with me to the appointment.  I personally would rather stab my eye with a sharp object.  However, with this county plan you have to wait forever (seriously!) for appointments so when you get one, you go no matter what!

Luckily, the ex texted me last night and said he could take the older kiddo’s.  Score!  That leaves just M.  But I don’t get too excited because the appointment was at noon which is her nap time.  I don’t know if you know this or not but you don’t want to mess with a tired toddler and there is NO reasoning with them!

So yeah, I wasn’t too excited.  But, happy to maybe get something, anything at this point…. So I dropped D off at work, the bigger kids to their dads, went home worked a bit, and then off I went to the appointment to see the lovely Dr. Quackity quack quack!

So, apparently I have gained 6 pounds since Saturday lol, wha-hooo not… BP was 123/80 pulse at 72.  Wait an hour, mind you M was AWESOME!  The last few times I had to take her to the docs office I  seriously wanted to shoot myself.

She would have several meltdowns, nothing made her happy and is in this screaming phase when she gets ticked.  So no, it’s not fun.  But today she was all smiles (as you see in the pic above!) ah, my cutie!

Anyways, so doc says echo was good as we both suspected (she goes I am not surprised, neither was I heck um, if you remember I didn’t want to do the darn test because I knew my heart was fine!).  But I digress…

So she goes well, your thyroid is good, heart is good I don’t see a reason for your gaining weight. 0107130822 She asks about my diet, I tell her and she is fine with it.  First time ever she wanted to SEE my log ins for myfitnesspal and of course this time I don’t have it (I did the first time but she could care less since my thyroid levels were not normal then so she blamed that!).

She goes well there isn’t anything medically wrong since your thyroid is fine (totally didn’t know that your thyroid is the ONLY thing that can cause weight gain to this doctor).  She tells me that I could see a dietician (which I agree too because I am not giving this people any excuses to “blame” me) OR I could look into surgery (uh, no!).

I explain that even if I wanted to (which I don’t) I was told by the hematologist that I shouldn’t risk surgery because of my blood disorder AND the PE’s.  She then was like well, in most cases the people gain the weight back anyways…. How it’s just mental.

I explain well, I have gained like 30lbs as of today in the past couple of months and you are basically telling me there is nothing that could be causing it.  She said just to watch my diet as I have, exercise and how this may just be how it is for me.  wow lady totally helpful!

I ask can she at least tell me why I am retaining fluid.  So she checks my legs and says she wants me on a diuretic (yes! Finally) Saying that I do have edema and that should help?  So we shall see…. I waited 7 months for that! ugh.

So I will get the pills supposedly by next week through some mail order thing they have now that saves you money.  Figured what’s another week?  Just watch the carbies, Start working out again and see where it takes me.

I have my INR appointment on the 18th.  And ENT on the 31st to see why I am losing more of my hearing so it’s a fun month 🙂 So that’s my Monday.  How’s yours going?