*NOTE: I wrote this last night, and of course once you have slept on it you are like well the feeling isn’t as strong BUT I still think that it’s a good post so I am going to still post it.  Please know this post is not toward any one person but just many over the past year!  I know most mean no harm 🙂

I know that when you put any information about yourself to the public you should expect responses.  Sometimes, they are ones you don’t want to hear, care to hear OR sick of hearing.

It’s kind of like when you are a parent and your kid flips out in the store and everyone is looking at you.  Judging you.  All thinking to themselves what THEY would do.  Looking at you as if you are wrong.  Already, without knowing you, your child OR your day.  They assume that THEY already know all they need to know about that situation and what they should do.

Sometimes with out even thought you give out your “advice”.  Maybe, you are just trying to help.  Maybe, deep down you are really trying to be sincere.  But maybe, just maybe sometimes you shouldn’t have said anything at all?  Was your advice asked for?  Did you take a moment to even evaluate the situation?  Is your advice helpful?  Has this advice already been asked?  Do you think it’s already been ask?  Or maybe, who knows just maybe it’s not your business either way?

But again, when you put things out there, you ALWAYS must expect replies.  Good and bad!  In the end, things like advice can help us grow even through the bad advice.  Sometimes advice that doesn’t work for you tends to make you see clearly why something else does! Hence, why people shouldn’t get mad when people don’t take their advice!  Maybe, through your advice they found what they really wanted OR made them see they wanted some thing else they didn’t see before.

We all like to have people agree with us.  I don’t really know a person alive that enjoys people constantly disagreeing with them.  It’s human nature. So it’s no wonder why we get a ray of advice from others because like they say, “everyone has an opinoin” and they do!

So I wanted to refresh, or enlighten you incase you haven’t been on my blog long….

First and foremost, I am not here for you to make money off of me.  Meaning, No soliciting.  I am here to share MY story, my struggles and one day my victory.  And while, I have ZERO problems with people telling me things that worked for them.  Please don’t assume because of my struggles that I don’t do or know the following:

1. Have no clue what I am doing
2. I am Just some fat girl who is trying to lose weight (while yes, I am a fat girl trying to lose weight, as the title says I am not JUST a fat girl!) there is more to my weight issues than JUST weight!
3. I Don’t research, or I have never heard of your “insert diet fad here”…. Okay this is a little rude of me maybe, and no, I don’t know probably about every, single, fad out there however, I’m not looking for a fad I am looking for the answers to my problems and to be able to make LIFE LONG changes.  I have pretty much slept, breathed, ate, weight loss.  I am not looking for a magic pill (though if it’s one I need obviously I will take it), supplements (unless necessary), or any crazy plan that after like a month I am sick of it.  I know these things work for others and BELIEVE ME when I say I am happy they have.  I am glad you found what works for YOU, so please allow me to find what works for ME….

So Second… I want to take you down memory lane…. Just to give you some idea…  What gives you a better idea than pictures!

In 2006 I lost weight I went from this

to this: (I wasn’t thin but I was getting there!)


In 2007 I met Derrick 🙂


Me in 2008


At the end of 2008 through 2009 I started to really gain weight.  We thought it was my thyroid (and still may have been?) Me in 2009 (this is one year from the pic above)


 In 2010 we found out I was pregnant (HUGE Surprise!).

I swelled BAD! The day we had her (there is a 10 1/2 lb baby in there!)


 The doctors kept telling me all the swelling was “normal”


Look at my legs!  This was when I was in labor!


 After I gave birth it wasn’t any better!


 In fact, after I gave birth a week later I got to spend an extra week in the hospital after my c-section busted open and we found I was going through heart failure due to about 70lbs of fluid on me!


After I had 70lbs YES! SEVENTY POUNDS of fluid taken off of me! True story just ask my friends lol 🙂


My feet were normal too (this was right before I left the hospital)


And then 6 months later I was about 60lbs heavier again and back in the hospital come to find out I had clots in my lungs! No one though could figure out at the time the weight gain, we all thought it was my thyroid since the levels were at 45 (they should be at like 5) so it was WAY off!

In June I looked like this:


It is now almost  a year from the PE and I am now about 20lbs heavier than I was in the photo from June!

I have an appointment on the 7th to explore the weight.  Two weeks ago I had my blood checked to make sure my thyroid is normal, which it finally is again.  However, I am still retaining fluid and don’t know why.  This is why some days I can gain about 7 plus pounds in just one day.

So I ask if you don’t know my story please feel free to read the links above labeled Where it all started!  Know this is MY story.  I know you may know someone “like” me but this is my journey not that someone “like” me.

This journey goes SOOOOOOOOOO much beyond that to the point we are STILL figuring it out! All we know as of now Is I have weak valves in my legs which is a part of the cause of fluid retention.  I am hoping to gain more answers on what is stopping me for continuously lose weight (I normally lose for a short period of time and then it stops and I end up gaining despite diet changes). So please, be patient with me and also take time out to hear someone’s story instead of assuming you already know it.