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I see blogs all the time where people post because I think they feel they have to.  I won’t lie at times I feel like this.  It’s like, Oh crap! I really need to blog or I will lose all my readers.  But the facts are I think that readers enjoy the quality of posts vs a bunch of Fluff!

So that’s why I haven’t been posting much lately.  I want to give you quality posts.  But in case you are wondering about me.  I haven’t heard anything about my echo.  I assume no news is GOOD news!  I never feared that test for I think my heart is fine!

On Monday I have an appointment with Dr. Quack (No, her name isn’t really Dr. Quack, I just think she is a quack!). Anyways, not looking forward to the appointment and I know that’s wrong.  If you are anything like D he seems to believe if you think negative things than negative things will happen.

I am trying hard to be positive but I won’t lie I am not a positive person.  I never have been.  It takes all my might to be positive sometimes.  Normally, I just prepare for the worst, that way either 1. you are not as surprised when things happen OR 2. it doesn’t suck so bad since you expected it to suck in the first place!  and of course 3. It turns out great and you enjoy even more because you totally thought it was going to suck! 🙂

So I trick my mind, it’s just who I am.  So anyways, yeah, I am not looking forward to this appointment.  I would if I felt I had a team of doctors willing to really find out what’s wrong with me, but that’s not much of the case.

So to prep for the appointment I have been tracking my weight.  I have tried to weigh just about daily (we are trying to determine if I am retaining fluid other wise I wouldn’t weigh so often!).  So here is how my weight has been.  This is with no drastic changes in diet except for most weeks eating less than before (in which I still gained) some days I ate more and lost (makes zero sense).

Tuesday 11th – 303
Wednesday 12th – 301
Friday 14th- 302
Monday 17th – 305
Tuesday 18th – 304.9
Wednesday 19th – 304
Thursday 20th – 301.9
Wednesday 26th – 307.4
Sunday 30th – 302.4
Monday 31st – 303
Tuesday 1st – 302.2
Wednesday 2nd – 303

So officially in 22 days I have lost basically nothing…. (and then people wonder why I don’t get excited now when the scale moves down!). This is SOOOOOOOO annoying.  When I started this blog it was to inspire myself, I thought in my head this was my own weight.  It’s been now almost exactly 10 months and I currently weigh 3lbs heavier than what I started 😦 ugh, hearing that makes me want to cry……. I hate this.