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Or some times shall I say so not funny….. My weigh has been going EVERYWHERE.  More of a reason for me to believe something else is up.  I keep wanting to convince myself this is all about calories in vs calories out however, the scale keeps telling me otherwise.

Midweek last week I was 307.4 this was Wednesday to be exact.  On Friday (when I normally weigh in) I was 305 (this was doing NOTHING at all to my diet!.  Remember just the week before I was 305 on Monday and went to 301 on Friday (the progress post!).

Also remember in that I told you guys I would need another week to see if it was progress or not.  So here is where I got confused and confused FAST!  So of course I figured the 2lb loss was AF since it’s here (sorry guys TMI) This past week has been horrible eating due to Christmas and all (been living off of Christmas Dinner until Saturday lol).  And yesterday was a little early new years get together and well I didn’t eat good there at.all.

So this morning I wake up and weigh and I am at 302 I have lost 5lbs in 4 days doing nada!  And almost back to what I was the Friday before last.  (Which that week I worked hard to get to 301).  So this makes ZERO sense other than this is fluid flucuating.  The interesting thing is normally I have to eat lower carbs to get it to go down and this week was NOT a low carb week.  I got up this morning and my ankle has almost no fluid but I still can see some pockets.

I hope when I go to the doctor on the 7th she will see something just isn’t right?  I have to call tomorrow to see if they got the results to my Echo (Which I am sure is fine!) But to double-check.  My thought process was if something was really wrong no way would they of sent me home right?  Even with just a sono to see?  I would think if it was they would have alerted someone but what do I know?

I will keep you guys updated.