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defeatLately,  the pounds have started to add up quickly.  I thought okay, maybe it’s my thyroid. So when I called to see if I could be seen sooner due to the weight gain I was relieved when the doctor asked for another thyroid test.

I was  a bit sad today to find the levels are normal… I still don’t know the numbers and won’t until my appointment on the 7th.  Then this morning I got all excited thinking I was losing weight? Until I went back to check my list and since last week I gained another 3lbs.  I started weighing daily to track just in case for fluid purposes since my feet had been swelling again.

I started watching really closely how I am eating this week, and did find that I had been eating a bit more lately, so that was good cause that would have meant something?  But shocked that instead of losing after charting my foods I am in fact gaining still even with a deduction of food and carbs! yikes.

I fear on the 7th I will once again be omitted, told I am old, to eat this or that, all the crap I have been told for a long time that hasn’t worked.  I feel like a number sometimes, just another someone saying the same thing I guess others did… “But I tried all of that?” (Those someone’s have said).  To the doctors, I am just another voice they hear over and over again.