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1213121942Not in that way you sicko you….. Although, in the picture it looks more like I got attacked by a vampire!  Nope!  It’s the lovely work of getting my blood drawn!  Excuse the crappy cell phone pick!  Anyways… So today I went in for my blood work to re-check my thyroid.

Since I started gaining again I guess they want to see if it’s that?  What’s stupid is they refilled my script (that had about 2 weeks worth of pills) but then wanted blood work.  I surely hope that when they get the results back (last time took about a week because they are slow as all get out) that if it’s not right they will adjust the meds.

I know the nurse said they want to see me in a month and I hope that if it’s not normal they are not expecting me to wait a month to adjust the meds!  ugh… I hate this place and wish I could afford insurance right now!  I will keep you guys updated on what they find out.  My luck it will be normal and then what???