Of course it’s with Dr. Quack, if you don’t remember Dr. Quack she is the doctor who basically tried to say that my weight gain was from me getting old.  I am 31 yrs old mind you,  then when I didn’t except that answer she said that I wasn’t doing enough (at the time I was walking 4 miles a day and eating about 1800 calories day and was lucky to lose 1lb a week).  So needless to say I am NOT looking forward to seeing her!

However, at this point it’s one of those things that something is better than nothing right? ugh….

On Monday, I got my INR tested and that was 1.5 (low!) blah, it’s always either too high OR too low….. So honestly, I wasn’t too surprised!  I have an echo scheduled for the 27th of this month because the hematologist has a couple concerns and wants to make sure my heart is working properly and that I have no fluid.

And then today I got the call this morning that the doctor did approve for my refill (I was out but yet still was waiting for an appointment to get more).  Luckily, they were able to get it taken care of (mind you they called me a week later AFTER they already filled the script thank goodness I still had two weeks supply).  And told me they wanted me to come in for some blood work and they wanted to schedule an appointment for a month from now.  So, here’s to hoping I guess?

My weight has shot up with out me doing anything extra, so I am thinking the thyroid is either Low or something else is going on.  I do know I have been swelling again which isn’t good either.  I really hope soon we can get answers once and for all so I can move forth.  It’s so hard to just move on and be healthy when my body won’t even let me 😦

Anyways, I will keep you guys updated as time passes what they do OR don’t find.