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Wow, it’s been busy, busy, busy for me….  Sorry for the delay in posting

The wonderful world of the grocery store!

So last night I went grocery shopping, I don’t think I did too bad.  I spend 200 dollars and some change.  I got chicken, meat, a ton of veggies, a few snacks and fruit.  A whole weeks worth of food for a family of 6.  I know many say how expensive it is to eat healthy but honestly IMO it really doesn’t have to be.

Yes, I don’t buy everything organic (but I do buy some) and not everything I get is fresh (I buy some canned items) but as you can hopefully see here, even so I bought tons of fresh food and spent the same amount I always spend when I don’t.

This hit me a few weeks ago when we had a party and I bought chips.  I don’t buy chips very often.  Four bags of chips that my family could eat in like a couple of days cost 10.00 on sale (2.50 a bag).  With 10 dollars I could buy, two bundles of lettuce, three decent sized tomatoes, a whole chicken, and 2lbs of bananas!

I had to start to use this logic.  As cheap as convienient foods are sometimes it’s still not so cheap!  Sure I could buy a lot of crap food for my family and spend about a 100 bucks a week, we have done it.  Or I could be savvy shopper and spend about that (I still haven’t learned how to be savvy lol) but my point is if you really want to, you can eat healthier without breaking the bank.  It’s all how you look at it 🙂

I always feel great when I shop and I see a ton of food it makes the cost feel “worth it” I use to always get so mad that I barely got anything and yet, I spent a ton!  go figure!

You can’t forget Weigh In Friday

With that said being Friday it is WEIGH IN DAY!  Remember, I told you the other day how I noticed the swelling coming down?  Well, I must be doing something right because this morning I was down 3 lbs from last week.

Phew.  I am still in the 290’s (that sucks!) but hey I know it’s fluid and the point is that I am getting it back off and THAT is what’s important! Tomorrow is also gym membership day!  Hopefully I will walk out with a brand new and shiny membership (okay, it probably won’t be shiny) but it will be new!

I can’t wait to post my first trip to the gym!!!! Watch everyone Misty is gonna get fit!