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So this week I have made great efforts to watch my processed food/carb intake and it’s totally paying off!  I can see the bones on my ankles once again, that puff on the top of my foot, almost gone.  If I am right I expect a couple of pounda lost this week (it’s water weight) but that’s good, because that means I am getting the fluid off my body.

I have found a distinct correlation between carbs and swelling.  I don’t have an exact number that I eat, but I try to range under around 100 day of processed carbs.  I don’t count veggies and fruit though I do watch which ones I eat and about how much.  I haven’t been tracking my calories mainly because I get obsessive over it.

But I am stoked to see the swelling go down.  It makes me see that even though it sometimes sucks not to have all the carby things I love my body is happy to do with out it.  That’s what’s important!  I am still planning on getting the gym membership this weekend, although, I will admit I am a little scared.  I haven’t done much in the exercise department the past few months but I KNOW I NEED to do this 🙂 My body needs conditioning 🙂

Plus, if I ever want to expand my family, and life well, I need to be well.  Besides, I want to see my grow up!  So this is important to me.  I can’t allow something like food to trump those things!  So, don’t forget to check back tomorrow, for Weigh in Friday and see how this week went 🙂